Green Team

CA Square




Caracas Arepa Bar
291 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Project Director
Pablo Souto

Project Story
Caracas is a city of shanty towns. The drive to understand its stories and the way waste materials are used to build and re-build this type of popular housing led to the concept of the Restaurant, the most prominent example of Venezuelan popular culinary culture abroad. The interiors were built with trashed and reclaimed wood and shipping crates that were taken apart. The aesthetic alludes to both a sense of poverty and the creativity of the tropics, giving the consumer the feeling of being part of the basic cultural roots of the city. We believe this is a good example of how trash materials can turn fancy through good labor and appropriate finishing. We are very proud of our backyard, created entirely by relocating existing stones and demolition timber, but do have to confess that the lamps came from IKEA.

Materials and Finishes
Ecosystems material selection includes the use of FSC cetified woods, reclaimed woods, natural based coat finishes, LED and compact fluorescent lighting, no VOC water based paints and the optimizations of exposed existing natural materials on site.