Green Team

CA Square




The Queens Kickshaw
40-17 Broadway, Queens, NY 11103

Project Co-Directors
Matt Tyson
Andrew Personette

Project Story
Kickshaw was conceived by two insightful owners, Benjamin Sandler and Jennifer Lim, to be a Bar/Coffee Shop created entirely from reclaimed materials. This fulfilled a desire we have had to do such an interior since the inception of EcoSystems. We achieved the design build of Kickshaw with ~90% reclaimed or recycled materials, right down to the 125 year old hardwood floor that we discovered under the plywood subfloor, and largely rebuilt.

Materials and Finishes
Reclaimed materials include water tower boards, South American hardwoods from old shipping palettes, beams from old NYC buildings, rough sawn dimensional lumber from dumpsters, weathered planks from scaffolding, and wire glass from old skylights. The lighting varied from antique fixtures to springs from old swinging elevator doors, as used over the bar (and which also became the logo graphic). Much props to Ben who had a hand in locating and retrieving most of the materials, and Jen who worked tirelessly at the site. You can see photos of her in action on the Kickshaw Facebook page.